Wednesday, December 31, 2008

5o things from 2008

1-​Where​ did you begin​ 2008?​ At Best Western! Best party ever!
2-​What was your statu​s by Valen​tine'​s Day? Single.
3-​Were you in schoo​l anyti​me this year?​ Yeah! Two different ones.
​4-​Did you have to go to the hospi​tal?​ :( yeah....don't get me started on that.
5-​Did you have any encou​nters​ with the polic​e?​ yeah, a couple
6-​Where​ did you go on vacat​ion?​ NEW YORK!!
7-​What did you purch​ase that was over $​100?​ I don't think anything!
8-​Did you know anybo​dy who got marri​ed?​ many people.
9-​Did you know anybo​dy who passe​d away?​ Yeah
10-​Did you move anywh​ere?​ down to cedar.
11-​What sport​ing event​s did you atten​d?​ don't think any...other then HS games.
12-​What conce​rts/​shows​ did you go to? none...:(
13-​Descr​ibe your birth​day:​ AMAZING! Party at Noahs.
14-​What is the one thing​ you thoug​ht you would​ not do, but did, in 2008?​ had a boyfriend, and then broke up with that boyfriend.
15-​What has been your favor​ite momen​ts?​ Alpha Phi! Graduation.
16-​Any new addit​ions to your famil​y:​ nope
17-​What was your best month​? September I would say.
18-​Who has been your best drink​ing buddy​?​ .........
19-Had a new crush? haha all the time!
20-​Favor​ite Night​s out? Hanging out with my friends. Any night was fun.
21-​Other​ than home,​where​ did you spend​ most of your time?​ Out and about. haha and wingers.
22-​Have you lost any frien​ds this year?​ Yes.
23-​Chang​ed your hairs​tyle?​ cut it and went blonde.
24-​Have any car accid​ents?​ not this year!
25-​How old did you turn this year?​ 18
26-​Do you have a New Years​ resol​ution​?​ yeah, i have a couple.
27-​Do anyth​ing embar​rassi​ng? sure did
28-​Buy anyth​ing new from eBay?​ haha yeah i just did!
29-Got into new music? Kind of.
30-​Get arres​ted?​ Naaah
31-​Go snowb​oardi​ng?​ never been.
32-​Did you get sick this year?​ yes. a few times.
33-​Are you happy​ to see 2008 go? kinda sad, but excited for next year. I have alot of things to look forward to.
34-​Been naugh​ty or nice?​ everyone has their days.
35-​What kind of phone​ did you have?​ pink chocolate.
36-​Did you date anybo​dy?​ a couple haha
37. Have you had any relat​ionsh​ips this year? yeah...blah.
38.Have you had your birthday yet? umm yes.
39.Kissed two peopl​e in the same night​ ? haha yeah! i think 4.
40.Been on a diet ? a couple times.
41.Pulle​d an all night​er ? haha too many to count.
42.Drank​ Starb​ucks ? Yes.
43.Bough​t somet​hing ? oh yes!
44.Met someo​ne speci​al who chang​ed your life ? Yes. many people.
45.Been out of the state​ ? yeah!!!
46.What are you think​ing about​ ? right now.... thinking if i will win the stuff off ebay ahaha
47.Hugge​d someo​ne ? every day.
48.Slept​ in someo​ne else'​s bed ? yes. hahahaa
49.Got a Job? yeah.
50. Done somet​hing you regre​t ? sure.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Since it's Christmas Break still, everyone that lives in Juniper is gone! Its so weird to be in the empty halls of C111. I picked up 3 extra shifts at the wing ding so I haven't really been here a whole lot. Even thought its boring I did find some things that are perks of being here by myself...
1. Not waiting for the shower...not to mention a clean shower!
2. I can pee witht he stall door open. Sounds weird but at 2 in the morning when I need to pee I just don't want shut the door.
3. I can break out in song when Im sitting in my bed late at night.
4. Not waiting to do laundry has been AMAZING!!
5. Waking up and going to sleep when I want, not when everyone decides to stop talking.
6. Parking close!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Grades!

All A's and B's!!
Ended up with a 3.54!
Pretty dang good I think :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's finally done!

After all the hard work it finally paid off!!!
I can't believe it took us almost a month to finishthis dang puzzle! I am really glad its over, but I am also kind of sad. Hopefully we get a good one for christmas! There is actually one piece missing but we are working and getting that. We are going to glue it all together and put it up on Harry and Cam's wall.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We have tons of Greeks at SUU now. Over 200!!! We had our christmas party today, I think almost everyone got a condom. Some a whole box. I got a cowboy hat which will get more use out of then if I would of got a condom :) I for one gave out a signed picture of myself! Im glad Erin got it and not a creepy faternity guy haha! Thanks for the cowboy hat secret present giver!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Crows are everywhere in Cedar City. Whenever I walk to a class I always see at least one. Today one looked like it was going to vomit on my from a top a tree, I almost cried! They are so gross. If I could say one bad thing about Cedar it would be the nasty birds that have taken up residence.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Juniper Hall C111 is the BEST hall in juniper! We are all so close and we have the coolest RA!! This is a picture of us decorating for Thanksgiving! We all made turkeys with our hands! We also have cool things haning up. The south part of the hall is Egypt and te North part is China! We also have the Pyramid of Love with I think everyones name on it with another guy! I love all of them!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


So my wonderful manager Ina at Wingers bought Twilight tickets for all the girls at work. Me and Summer showed up at 8:30 thursday night to wait in line to get good seats (some girls from Alpha Phi were in line at 2:30!!) At about 9 Ina showed up and all the other girls followed. It was so much fun hanging out with all the girls from Wingers. The movie was ok, I didnt totally hate it but I for sure didn't love it. Natalie thinks im to critical. I still think everyone should see, most people I have talked to loved it, I don't know why I just didn't. I did win a shirt though before the movie started, so that was cool!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Photo Tag

This picture is from my Sophomore homework burning party! We all brought our homework we had saved from the whole year and threw it all in the fire! My favorite quote of the night, "This is for Jake Beck!"
Thanks Sue for tagging me! I tag...
Natalie Crockett
Kate Daly
Sam Dunford
Ashley Dixon
Pick the 4th picture in your 4th folder on your computer!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've never had a mac, but Greg does and we actually took these pictures awhile ago but I just looked at them again and decided I should share them with the world, yeah...they are that funny! I'm sorry but if you don't think these are funny then you are stupid!

Puzzle Madness!!

So lately Cam, Harry and I have been addicted to this puzzle! It started out as 1000 pieces just laying on Cam and Harrys table but we have been working pretty hard. Its been almost 2 weeks and we are finally almost done. I thought it would get easier once we had less pieces but now all we have are all the shades of blue so its making it pretty hard. I know we sound kind of stupid because its taken us so long, but his isn't your normal puzzle. Its a whole bunch of pictures from the simpsons that go into making this one big picture of Homer. One thing that has gotten us through it is puzzle juice. Its what we drink when we are trying to put together the puzzle, for some reason it lets us relax and find the right place where the pieces go. I can't tell you what puzzle juice is...its a secret that only we know! Just kidding its Hot Chocolate.
Its way good and it usually does help us! Im usually the one that makes it, Harry just doesn't and Cam always makes it watery. I am the puzzle juice woman! We all asked our parents for a puzzle for christmas so when we are done with this one we can still have something to do. Ha, we are lame...oh well. ITS FUN!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


This year was really fun, but it didn't really feel like a real halloween. I've always gone trick or treating, and last year I had a huge movie night at my house, so this year when I worked it was really weird! It did help that I carved a pumpkin, that felt like halloween a couple days ago.

Wednesday for PA's we did something called "Can-o-Treating". We went around to houses and collected cans for the hope pantry. That was so much fun! We had to dress up while still using our red polos as part of our costume! So I dressed up as a ganster named Durell. It was way fun and I was the coolest!

So I think the reason it didn't feel like halloween is because I had to work. It wasn't bad working it just sucked it was on halloween. I dressed up as...well I dont want to tell you I think you should guess!! (Think really hard about what I am wearing in the picture) My friend Sam dressed up as a Hippie! It was so much fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight Me, Cam, Harry, and my new friend Blake all carved Pumpkins together!

It was so much fun! I even took some of the seeds and cooked them in the oven. No one else ate them, but Blake said that they are natural pain killers, or something like that.

This picture took alot of work because I kept on laughing and seeds were falling down my shirt! It was really funny though and totally worth the pumpkin in my hair!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Old Memories...

So I used to write in a Journal all the time and my favorite thing to do is go back and read it. It turns out I am kind of a funny person and I wrote this like 7 months ago about a boy (who will remain a mystery) I had a huge crush on...
Reason why me and (this boy) should be in love:

1. If we carpooled together we would save the economy
2. We could work out together thus saving out bodies from needless fat
3. Along with working out making out burns a lot of calories I hear.
4. I think I would save more money if he was my boyfriend. He has money and he doesn’t even have a job….so his parents must be rich!
5. I wouldn’t have to worry about prom….I would already have a date.
6. I don’t have to worry about my friends not liking him because he is already in the group so its like I am dating Rachael…only not as weird.
7. My parents already like him…so when we got married it would be ok.
8. His standards are high and he is a worthy Priesthood leader!

I am kind of weird i think.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is my amazing pledge class! We are the Beta Deltas! There are 28 of us I believe, and we are having so much fun together!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A List of Eights

8 TV Shows I Watch:
-America's Next Top Model
--Greys Anatomy
---The Hills
----Sunset Tan

-----The Soup
------The Office
-------Kenny vs. Spenny
--------One Tree Hill
8 Things That Happened Yesterday
-I took a test is music and I think I failed

--Actually ate 3 meals.
---Went tanning

----Had Founders Night with all the Alpha Phi's
-----Was so cold I almost cried

------Started my homework early
-------Went to all 4 of my classes
--------Feel asleep texting Greg

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
-Wingers (i know thats weird!)

---California Pizza Kitchen
-----PF Changs
------Rumbi Island Grill

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
--Going home this weekend
---Christmas Break

----My Brother coming home from Germany
-----Freaking Summer

-------Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
--------Marriage! ha jk nat.
8 Things On My Wish List:
-A new CTR ring

--Alpha Phi stuff
----A Vacation to Egypt.
-----Juicy earrings that Natalie got!
------Long Hair
-------To graduate in a year haha
--------A new phone

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So I stole these pictures from my sisters blog and she kind of talked about the pageant but I needed to add some things! (sorry it took so long)
It was pretty much a one day kind of thing. I arrived at eleven at the school and didnt leave until after the pageant. It was so much fun! Most of the girls were really nice. Some of them you could tell they where there to win and they didn't seem the need to socialize. We went over walking patterns and the opeaning number for about 3 hours and then we started interviews.
My Interview I thought went ok. It wasn't what I was hoping for but I felt like I backed up what I was saying and that it made sense. They asked me alot of political questions and I pretty much knew they would considering my major is Political Science. It made me kind of sad because I think I have a really good fact sheet with some interesting things on it, I wish they could have looked past all the political questions after awhile and asked me questions about me.
The actual pageant was alot of fun. There where alot of things I could have done better and things I need to work on if I decide to do another pageant, but for the most part I had alot of fun. I wasn't really set on winning, it was more of an experience thing for me and I think I got alot out of it!
The best part was I had the biggest crowd! My family came and a whole bunch of my friends. It was awesome, it let me be myself and not be so nervous! After a group of us went to dinner and talked about the pageant and ate cheese fries! (perfect after pageant food!) It didn't make up for missing Miss Lehi but I had fun and Im so glad I did it.
I freaking love Paul! Enough said.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Better Pictures...

After Pref....The night I found out she was my big! This picture I took at Pizza Factory where we went after to get dessert! Never on a Sunday is SOOOO GOOD! I highly recommend it!
These two are better than the other one! I just thought I should share them with you! Oh and did I mention I was a twin? My big sis took on two little sisters so they call us Twins. I was way happy because it was Sam who is one of my best friends down at SUU!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Big Sister!

In Alpha Phi every girl has a "Big Sister". Today I finally found out who mine was!

Her name is Kalle and I have kind of thought that she was my big sister the entire time! I'm so excited! Its fun to have a Big Sis down at Suu!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

My life as of now.

Alot of stuff has happened, well not a whole lot but I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks. Kind of sad, but I have been busy! So important things you should know....
I'm a "Baby Phi" as they like to call us. I think this is pretty much all of us. We are having alot of fun together. All the the actives are really nice and just want to get to know all of us. Tuesday im going to lunch with a cute active named Gina. We haven't ever really talked but she wanted to go out to lunch so we are! Im way excited to actually start being a part of everything.
Sorry I don't have any pictures at the moment (blame Natalie!) But I had so much fun! There were 12 girls and they gave out 2 titles. I didn't get one...but its ok. I did have the biggest cheering crowd which I think means so much more! I made some friends backstage with the other girls as well...seeing each other all but naked and a little duct tape tends to bring people closer.
He is my first one, and im don't make fun of me!
His name is Greg. I knew him for a year before he left on his mission and he got home about a month ago. We were always pretty good friends (after we got over the hating each other part) and we just stayed friends all throughout his mission. Greg may just be the funniest person I have ever met. He lives in Lindon, and I live in Cedar but we are trying it out.
School is just fun in general. My classes are mostly all fun and my professors are awesome. My biggest class has like 150 students so its fun to participate in class and not just pretend like I am. I've on ly taken 2 tests so far and I didn't do the best but I did pretty good. I've written a couple papers for English but thats one of my favorite classes so it all works out.
My roommate is still awesome. I love her! We have funny moments together sitting in are small room watching friends and talking to our boys!
I love college. Im miss Lehi but moving out was one of the best things I've done. Its a huge accomplishment I think to be out on my own, keeping track of my money, going to church, going to work, getting up for class and still having time to get in a couple hours of sleep.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The newest member of Alpha Phi!

Remember how I've been going to rush week activities for Alpha Phi? Well... Thursday was an invite only activity in which only 39 out of 80ish girls were invited - ME INCLUDED!

Pref night was great! After some of us new girls and the active Alpha Phi's went to Applebee's for dinner. Then me, my sister (who is an alumni advisor for Alpha Phi), and the president of Alpha Phi, the gorgeous Morgan, decided to go to Chili's.

It was funny because technically Alpha Phi has to give me a bid because I am a legacy, so Natalie and Morgan were trying to keep it from me but were having a hard time.

This morning I had to go see if I had a bid or not... and i did!!! Yes, that's right, I'm the newest (well one of 35 newest) alpha phis!

Tonight was Bid Day. All the girls who got bids and all the active sisters had a party at the Alpha Phi House. We had dinner, played get to know you games, and did some dancing/singing. I'm so excited to be an Alpha Phi!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have found the man of my dreams!

So, i had to post these pictures....

This one is from sophomore year. Me, Rachael, Sophie and Nicole went to colorado for a weekend to visit some friends of Rachael and Nicoles and on our way home I saw this Ronald in the gas station. I just had to take a picture with him! I mean...he is so attractive!

Well, me and Ronald only had a short time together, I was on the road, he was a working man...and I never saw him again.


Today! I went into walmart and saw him sitting there, like he was almost waiting for me to come, just to welcome me! I don't think I have ever been so happy! I thought I would feel so alone in cedar but today was a break through! Just goes to show, right when you think you are all alone in this world something happens that can change your life forever!

Skit Night!

Today for Rush it was skit night! We walked into the room and they linked our arms as they sang to us...kind of weird, but it was funny. I love how they are all "SISTERS!" Its funny...and I do love it. So we sat and got to know one of the sisters and talked to them. Mine was named....Veronica...or something ( I feel bad!) But she was really nice! Anyway, after talking for a little bit some of the Alpha Phi girls ran to put on a skit for us. It was so funny, they did like an award show and handed out awards to people like Tyra Banks(my favorite!), Ashley Olsen, and of course Alpha Phi! It was so funny. I loved it, it was so funny!

Polygamist at Wingers.

Today at work was one of the scariest days at wingers I've ever had. At first I was having a good day, I had a big table in the back and made some good money and some guys came in and left me a good tip as well. So far I haven't really liked wingers but I was thinking today would be differernt. Well, three people came in at about one oclock. One guy and his two wifes. I used to have polygamist that lived by me in Lehi but I don't think that I ever really talked to them because I was to little and didnt understand. Well, I was going to seat them in Coles section because it was his turn, but he said "would you mind taking them? I have a friend coming in"...which I am beginning to think was a big fat lie! So I took them, and of course I was all happy and nice to them, I didn't think they would be any different then other people so I treated them the same as any other table. Well, when I was asking them for drinks I looked right at one of the girls (they looked about my age!) and asked her if she wanted a raspberry lemonade and she said "yes, that will be fine" As I walked away the guy sittng across from her glared and he looked so mad. I asked a friend at work why and she said they aren't usually supposed to talk without his permission. I was so stunned. I couldn't believe that women in that sort of situation were treated so poorly. After that I was so scared to go down there because I didn't want to do somethng wrong and have him get made at me, or his wives he was with. After a while they left and I was still really bugged by what had happened.
The guy on the right is named Rulon Jeffs, the father of Waren Jeffs, he once ruled over around 10,000 before he died.
When I got home I looked up on the internet some interesting facts on polygamy...
*The women usually are married by the age of 14 and only get up to an 8th grade education
*Many polygamist men believe they must have 3 wifes in order to be let into heaven.
*The wives don't usually have anytime for themselves or alone with their husbands.
*It is very hard to get out of a polygamist community, the women are watched all the time and if they try to leave and get caught they will separate them from their families.
I think polygamy is so sad and I hope that one day the wifes that want to get out of the abusive and overlooked wifes can and that they can live a normal life.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Today was the first day of rush! As I went to classes I got about twenty flyers reminding me about all the activies for this week. It was really exciting. I even saw around fifty girls wearing Alpha Phi shirts. Tonight they had a BBQ and I got my friend Sam and my other friend Shannon to come with me. We met alot of girls and it was fun. There where 3 other girls from Lehi at the BBQ and they all said they wanted to join Alpha Phi which made me pretty excited. Heather Larsen one of the girls came and told us all about it, it was fun. The other group is delta something zeta...I dont actually remember but it was always weird when they would come up and talk to me, just because I kind of have to join Alpha Phi so I was just like...say what you want and go away. Ha, not really. They where pretty nice but im really excited for the rest of the week and to hang out with the Alpha Phi's!

Sunday, September 7, 2008



Friday, September 5, 2008

Cam is weird.

For some reason he wanted me to blog about this picture. We were watching a movie at his and Harrys apartment and when they were taking me home I noticed that he still had that on his rear view mirror so when I brought it up he told me to scrapbook it...and to blog about it. What a crazy fool!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend in Lehi!

My weekend in Lehi was one
of the best i think i have ever spent in Lehi.
For many reasons. First my dog! I missed

Rascal so much I can't even tell you. Me and him are very much alike! We are both crazy! Plus, look at him. He is so darn cute!

Another great part of my weekend was my friend came home from his mission! Greg! We were really good friends when he left and we wrote each other almost the whole time he was gone! He is so funny so it was so good to see him! Me, Him, Rachael, her boyfriend Austin, Nicole and Eric all went to Olive Garden and ate dinner. He told us all about his mexico adventures (ha!) After we played guitar hero at Rachaels house, which Greg can already play on medium and I don't think he has ever played it, which makes me very angry. I've worked for two long years to get to the place I am today on Guitar Hero! :) I also hung out with him on monday. He hadn't been to all the new places in American Fork so we went over there. We went looking for phones for him at Verizon and AT&T and all the people thought we were married looking for a family plan or something. We were laughing pretty hard! We also went to Walmart and we donated two dollars to the primary childrens hospital to make a tile made from legos they are putting

in the ground or something. I hope you can tell what we made...

If not, its Harry Potter, but we only did like the top of his head. And its kind of square. If was fun though. After we went to the popsickle park and hung out. If was freezing cold out there by the way, but we had fun. Greg is funny, and he is practicly the same person, but if you mention that to him he is the first person to tell you that he has changed. But, for the most part i think he is the same Greg.

Of course seeing Jacey, Tara, and Jane was so much fun! We went to applebees and had dinner and then to Sub Zero!
After we went to Jacey and Taras apartment and hung out and watched some tv. Funniest thing that happened this weekend...They have this nasty dog that lives where they stay. (Their apartment is under a house) And It loves to get out of the backyard, so as me and Jane are leaving it runs out and I go to catch it and Its sick, long, nasty hair gets stuck in my hand. Jane catches it and it pulls her around the front yard. We tried to get it back into the yard but that didn't work. Every time Jane tried to pull it, it would almost bite her hand off! Finally we got it in the owners house, but it took alot of effort, and I am forever stained with that experience.

Sunday night I was invited over to Rachaels house to play games. So we played clue, which stupid austin cheated at! (i totally caught him too! he thought he was so sneaky) After we played apples to apples, and I dont know if everyone does this, but at Rachaels house when you win one of the green cards its supposed to describe you.....
So i got,

What a weird girl I am.
I think only half of those are true!

Finally, I hung out with my sister on Saturday. We went and saw the movie House Bunny, which was funny at times, but also incredibly lame. "Happy Maddison Productions" made it, and with those movies they usually have really funny parts, really gross parts, and stupid endings. This movie kind of feel into that catagory. But it was fun!

Anyway, my weekend was great! Im coming home again on September 20th for a pageant and im sure that will be just as, if not more....eventful! :)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Journey to Lehi.

The longest time I spent away from home is like a week, so living in Cedar now for almost 2 was weird. Don't get me wrong, im loving it! I'm meeting the coolest people and making tons of friends! But sometimes you just need to come home, and I was kind of feeling homesick.
Friday after class Me, Harry, and Cam all jumped in the car and started back on our 3 hour jouney back to Lehi. It was so much fun! We sang Eminem, and by Harrys choice Avril Lavigne.

What you can't hear in this clip (becaue the sound for some reason isnt working) is that Harry and Cam where totally singing girlfriend. They loved it! I was excited to get home and see my dog and play with friends! Harry wanted steak, and Cam wanted to go see his little girly friend. We had a radar detector so we didn't really have to worry about cops. We only had to stop once because I had to pee, so thanks to the KFC in Spanish Fork I took car of that.
Overall I think we had a really fun trip. I can't wait to drive back to Cedar with them!

Monday, August 25, 2008

101 things about me!

1. I grew up in Lehi. 2. I have an older sister and an older brother.
3. I actually have another half sister that not many people know about.
4. I am currently going to school at Southern Utah University.
5. I have brown hair.
6. I was Student Body President at Lehi High.
7. I once tried out for a pageant and instead was taken to the emergency room.
8. I love the smell of cigarette smoke
9. My favorite color is purple.
10. I don't have one best friend, I have MANY.
11. I have a dog named Rascal.

12. My middle name is Marie
13. I am majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice
14. I LOVE Americas Next Top Model!
15. I couldn't live without Harry Potter.
16. My dream is to one day go to Egypt.
17. My favorite thing to eat is toast with butter.
18. I am a Presidential Ambassador at SUU.
19. My Birthday is on Feb. 4th.
20. My brother is on a mission in Frankfurt Germany.
21. I listen to every type of music.
22. I went to New York over Spring Break
23. I have a brother-in-law named Davy Crockett...yeah its true.
24. I have about 100 dollars to my name.
25. My Student Ward scares me because they said I would be married in 2 years.
26. I am scared of the dark.
27. Choking scares me.
28. My dorm room is pink and brown.
29. My sister natalie is the only one that reads my blog. :)
30. I love sleeping in!
31. I broke my collar bone in a stampede
32. I was Mock Trial team captain my senior year.
33. Religion plays a big part in my life.
34. I scrapbook like crazy!
35. I want to get married in the temple one day.
36. I want to have 5-7 kids.
37. I stayed in line to get the Breaking Dawn book. And then read it in 12 hours. 38. If it was socially acceptable I would wear sweats everywhere I went.
39. I once lied so I could keep a kitten I found.
40. Fruit Snacks are so dang good.
41. I've been to girls camp 7 times.
42. I am very loud.
43. In Elementary school the subs would say my name "Nole" and i would get made fun of.
44. I have lived in Cedar City for two weeks now.
45. I kissed 3 boys in one night. (grad doesn't even count!)
46. I have a niece and a nephew and i love them so much!
47. My mom was going to name me Neisha.
48. If you wake me up in the morning i will get mad at you.
49. My sister is one of my best friends.
50. I went to a Gwen Stefani Concert.
51. I have a pink chocolate.

52. I love going tanning.

53. My favorite holiday is July 4th...I LOVE FIREWORKS

54. I clogged for 8 years.

55. I have to have my planner with me where ever i go.
56. Moving to Cedar City was the first time in my whole life moving.

57. I have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe...I asked him to prom!

58. I also have had a crush on Michael Phelps since 9Th grade.

59. I've kissed 12 boys.

60. I took gymnastics when I was little and cried because I couldn't do a somersault

61. My 6th grade teacher told me that when I grew up I would be in a gang.
62. Most of my friends in 8th grade did drugs but I never have.
63. I spend way to much time on myspace, facebook, and youtube.

64. I like to take baths.
65. I was one of the meanest girls in 8th grade.
66. I cry in LDS commercials and in the commercials with hurt animals in them.
67. I'm addicted to Greys Anatomy.
68. One time i dropped a bunny on its neck and it screamed and I pet it as it died.
69. Me and my friend used to go skinny dipping in her neighborhood pool!
70. I've been inside my high school tunnels, the ones people dream of going down but never get the chance to!

71. Two weeks after I got my license I was driving my moms car and I got in a accident.
72. Laughing is how I get through my stressful life.
73. I sing so loud in the car I think other people can hear me, but pretend they don't.
74. I've never mowed a lawn in my life.
75. My first car was named little willy.
76. I was nominated for Homecoming Queen my senior year.
77. I slept in my tent trailer for 3 weeks straight.
78. My favorite book in the scriptures is Mosiah!
79. I love my friends at SUU!
80. I love watching movies!
81. I had to go to the emergency room for something very weird once, and later had to have surgery for that. (ha, ask me one day)
82. I pop my fingers when i get nervous.
83. When I get excited I tend to shout.
84. My high score in bowling is 103.
85. I am very independent.
86. I never had a boyfriend in high school.
87. My friend sent the blood monster loose in my car.
88. My favorite season is winter.
89. My mom grew up in P.G.
90. One time this guy Nick let me cut his hair and he almost had to shave it when I was done.

91. I am so sick of thinking of things to say about myself!
92. I love the singer/songwriter Marie Digby.
93. I never take my CTR ring off.
94. My dorm room smells AMAZING! (thanks sue!)
95. I thought I had a tail for a long time and people even could feel it, but now its gone.
96. My favorite scar is the one on my forehead, not because it means me and Harry Potter are kind of the same, but because it just looks cool.
97. My dad is from Pennsylvania.

99. I want to one day teach people on the dangers of gangs.

98. I did my 6th grade science project on warts.
99. I was in Spanish Immersion in Elementary.
101. I made that out of paper.