Thursday, May 27, 2010

i went to the lake again yesterday, i love summer!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh no!

Me and my 'littles' and 'grand-little' at formal. They are beautiful, my family is so cool

Me and my boyfriend Michael

My boys that came to Alpha Phi Formal. They are all amazing, I am so happy I get to represent them!

Ha, I was cleaning up the center pieces and I thought it would be funny because Bri only had one rose :D

Some of us with our new Bordeaux Beau Grady!

Me Roz and Sarah on our camping trip before finals.

Sand Hallow!!

Some of the Alpha Phis at Garden House for lunch.

I haven't blogged in forever. I used to be so good at updating my blog, lately I have been a really big slacker. Well, so much has happened!! Where do I even start?

In Alpha Phi I hold the position of Social Chair. In Spring I am in charge of Sisterhood Retreat and Formal. This year they were held back to back. Sisterhood Retreat went really well! I planned everything way in advance so I wasn't stressed about anything! Formal went the same way, I think the day of I was kind of stressed but nothing too big. Everyone said it went really well, and I am so proud of the outcome, it was beautiful and way fun.

My date for formal was my boyfriend Michael. We have kind of been dating for 7 months, but we have only been "official" for a month. Its been kind of a struggle dating him. He works a lot so we don't really see each other a lot, but other than not ever seeing him things are pretty good. We used to live right next to each other so it was easier for us to hang out, but now that I don't live that close its harder. I am going to be in Lehi for about 3 weeks, so we will see how that works out.

I moved into a new apartment. My old place, with my old roommates was just NOT working out. I decided that even though you are really close with someone, some people are just not meant to live with each other. I don't regret moving into that place, I just regret decided to move in with the people I did. I think I lost a friend because of it, but I gained Eric as a best friend so it was so worth it. Anyway, Me Eric and Sarah now live together in a Condo in the north part of Cedar. I love it! We aren't really home a lot all at the same time, but so far everything has been going really good. In the fall Sarah is moving out and Andrew is moving in! That will be tons of fun as well. We are still looking for a roommate for Spring, so if you know anyone :D Oh, I almost forgot to mention the best part about living here! Our landlord is like the owner of the movie theatre, so when we pay our rent on time we get free movie tickets!!

I am getting my tonsils taken out in like a week! I am so scared, I have heard horror stories of getting your tonsils taken out, and I have to say I am not excited. I am glad I won't be having any more sore throats, but 2 weeks of pain doesn't sound good at all. I have heard that people lose a lot of weight when they get them out because all you eat is like jello and soup. Awesome!! I also have to move home for like 3 weeks so have the surgery and get better. Oh and for Miss Lehi. It is such a good feeling not to be in it, I get to enjoy it with everyone else.

Its Summer!! So far I have been having a blast. I have been to sand hallow twice, hiking around dixie rock, and the best part no homework!! I hate school, I really don't want to go back in the fall but I think I kind of have to.

Finally I am like 2 months away from becoming an Aunt! Natalie is so pregnant and I am so excited to get to spoil a little boy!! I am going to be its favorite Aunt :D