Friday, February 20, 2009


Kristy told me to go to this website called and its the best website ever. Its very addicting and it has tons of funny stuff on it. I hope you can see it...I made it as big as I can.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Birthday!

Today was the best birthday ever!!

When I woke up I had a big Happy Birthday poster from Lainey, Lacee, and Linzee taped to my door, and they made me a happy Birthday crown!
Cam and Harry came to my work last night and asked me were I wanted to go to lunch, and after deciding the only places in Cedar are Applebees, Chillis, and Wingers we decided to go to St. George.
It was so much fun! First we went to best buy and looked around. My parent gave me a check for my Birthday so I wanted to buy a moive, or a CD or something with some of the money. I ended up getting an itues giftcard.

I already bought a couple songs. I am loving them!
After Best Buy we went to the Mall and looked around. I bought a Jacket that was on sale and I think its so cute! I also bought a new wallet. My other won had seen better days. The new one is a clasp wallet with black and pink checkers on it. I love it, I just wish it had more card holders, you can never get enough of those!

After the Mall we went to lunch at Iggys Sportsgrill. It was so yummy and Cam told the waiter it was my Birthday so they brought me some Ice Cream. :) So good!!!

We still had some time to kill before we came back to Cedar so we went to Dixie Rock and took some funny pictures. It was a great friend adventure.

Not only did they drive to St. George and buy me Lunch, but they made me a yummy cake thats almost gone! Cam made me a mix CD as well. haha

After the P.A. Meeting (where everyone sang to me) I came back to my room and it was all decorated cute with streamers and ballons and my 3 best friends bought me a Fondue Pot! They had chocolate in it and everything and we put rice krispy treats in it, gummy worms, bananas, and pretzels! So yummy!!