Tuesday, May 19, 2009


- Miss Lehi is in 2 weeks and I am feeling a little bit scared. Just about my talent outfit...I think thats really the last thing I need, I bought a new Interview Outfit and a new swimsuit. I feel so much better about my talent this year, I have so much fun singing it!!
-I started working at the Wingers in Lehi which has turned out to be alot of fun. Everyone I work with is really nice and its really laid back there, which is good and bad. Alot of the time people don't show up to work, or show up 20 min. late, and they don't get fired! Whats up with that?!
-I live at home...I thought it would be okay, but its turning out not to be much fun at all!!
- I get a new phone tomorrow...its a blackberry pearl...im super excited.
- I really miss Alpha Phi, Wingers in Cedar, SUU, and my friends, I can't wait for fall.
- Harry Potter is in like...50 days, which means Im going to Colorado to see Rach, and before that Im going to Indiana for a Leadership Conference for Alpha Phi (which is all free!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ameicas Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model
The season finale is in a couple weeks and right now its down to four. Allison is my favorite! Fo was my favorite, but she got kicked off last week. Celia is ok, she looks kind of old in her pictures, but she is better than the other two girls.