Friday, July 31, 2009

Girls Night Out!

Tuesday me and eight of my best friends got all dressed up and went to Cheesecake Factory!Lacey, Alex, Me, Gabby, Kayli, Jacey, Jane, Rachael, and Tara

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer 2009

I haven't, as im sure you are aware, blogged in a LONG time! Alot has happened!!
Miss Lehi is done and over with. I didn't win anything and I was dissapointed for along time.
I truly think I did my best, I just wasn't supposed to be Miss Lehi. I'm still glad I did it, it was a great experience and I got to spend alot of time with Gabby, Kate, and my sister. I am however doing Miss Iron County on August 15th. Im excited for this pageant, and I am pretty sure this will be my last one.

The fourth of July was alot of fun! I hung out with Jesse, Rachael, and Rachaels family. We drove over to Thanksgiving Point and watched the fireworks! Fireworks are my favorite and they where amazing! After we went back to Rachaels house and roasted marshmellows! Rachael had only just moved back from Colorado and I loved finally being able to spend some time with her!

I went to an Alpha Phi Leadership retreat in Indiana for 5 days! I met some of the most amazing girls, and it has made me love and appreciate Alpha Phi so much more! Im so sad that not every girl has the chance to attend. I think it really did change my life, and I made some really good friends that will last forever!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince may be the best Harry Potter movie yet! It doesn't do the book justice, but it was still amazing! Me and nine of my friends went to Jordan Commons where there was everything from Licorice Wands to Butterbeer! I was so excited, and really emotional after the movie was over!! I already can't wait for the next movie, November 2010 baby, who's coming with me?!

The 24th of July was first spent with some of my Alpha Phi girls! Ali had a BBQ at her house and Jessica, Chelsey, Mikkela, Becca, Leslie and Me all showed up! It was really fun even though I didnt stay very long. I loved seeing some of the girls! I've missed them all so much, which is one of the reasons Im so excited to move back to Cedar City!

The next part of Pionner Day me and Sierra went to a pool party with some of her friends. Turned out not to be pool party, but four of us hanging out in a guys pool none of us knew. It was extreamly awkward, and a whole bunch of fun! We spent the night jumping off the diving board, going down the slide, and playing PIG in the pool with the basketball hoop! It was one of the best nights this summer.