Sunday, August 31, 2008

Journey to Lehi.

The longest time I spent away from home is like a week, so living in Cedar now for almost 2 was weird. Don't get me wrong, im loving it! I'm meeting the coolest people and making tons of friends! But sometimes you just need to come home, and I was kind of feeling homesick.
Friday after class Me, Harry, and Cam all jumped in the car and started back on our 3 hour jouney back to Lehi. It was so much fun! We sang Eminem, and by Harrys choice Avril Lavigne.

What you can't hear in this clip (becaue the sound for some reason isnt working) is that Harry and Cam where totally singing girlfriend. They loved it! I was excited to get home and see my dog and play with friends! Harry wanted steak, and Cam wanted to go see his little girly friend. We had a radar detector so we didn't really have to worry about cops. We only had to stop once because I had to pee, so thanks to the KFC in Spanish Fork I took car of that.
Overall I think we had a really fun trip. I can't wait to drive back to Cedar with them!

Monday, August 25, 2008

101 things about me!

1. I grew up in Lehi. 2. I have an older sister and an older brother.
3. I actually have another half sister that not many people know about.
4. I am currently going to school at Southern Utah University.
5. I have brown hair.
6. I was Student Body President at Lehi High.
7. I once tried out for a pageant and instead was taken to the emergency room.
8. I love the smell of cigarette smoke
9. My favorite color is purple.
10. I don't have one best friend, I have MANY.
11. I have a dog named Rascal.

12. My middle name is Marie
13. I am majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice
14. I LOVE Americas Next Top Model!
15. I couldn't live without Harry Potter.
16. My dream is to one day go to Egypt.
17. My favorite thing to eat is toast with butter.
18. I am a Presidential Ambassador at SUU.
19. My Birthday is on Feb. 4th.
20. My brother is on a mission in Frankfurt Germany.
21. I listen to every type of music.
22. I went to New York over Spring Break
23. I have a brother-in-law named Davy Crockett...yeah its true.
24. I have about 100 dollars to my name.
25. My Student Ward scares me because they said I would be married in 2 years.
26. I am scared of the dark.
27. Choking scares me.
28. My dorm room is pink and brown.
29. My sister natalie is the only one that reads my blog. :)
30. I love sleeping in!
31. I broke my collar bone in a stampede
32. I was Mock Trial team captain my senior year.
33. Religion plays a big part in my life.
34. I scrapbook like crazy!
35. I want to get married in the temple one day.
36. I want to have 5-7 kids.
37. I stayed in line to get the Breaking Dawn book. And then read it in 12 hours. 38. If it was socially acceptable I would wear sweats everywhere I went.
39. I once lied so I could keep a kitten I found.
40. Fruit Snacks are so dang good.
41. I've been to girls camp 7 times.
42. I am very loud.
43. In Elementary school the subs would say my name "Nole" and i would get made fun of.
44. I have lived in Cedar City for two weeks now.
45. I kissed 3 boys in one night. (grad doesn't even count!)
46. I have a niece and a nephew and i love them so much!
47. My mom was going to name me Neisha.
48. If you wake me up in the morning i will get mad at you.
49. My sister is one of my best friends.
50. I went to a Gwen Stefani Concert.
51. I have a pink chocolate.

52. I love going tanning.

53. My favorite holiday is July 4th...I LOVE FIREWORKS

54. I clogged for 8 years.

55. I have to have my planner with me where ever i go.
56. Moving to Cedar City was the first time in my whole life moving.

57. I have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe...I asked him to prom!

58. I also have had a crush on Michael Phelps since 9Th grade.

59. I've kissed 12 boys.

60. I took gymnastics when I was little and cried because I couldn't do a somersault

61. My 6th grade teacher told me that when I grew up I would be in a gang.
62. Most of my friends in 8th grade did drugs but I never have.
63. I spend way to much time on myspace, facebook, and youtube.

64. I like to take baths.
65. I was one of the meanest girls in 8th grade.
66. I cry in LDS commercials and in the commercials with hurt animals in them.
67. I'm addicted to Greys Anatomy.
68. One time i dropped a bunny on its neck and it screamed and I pet it as it died.
69. Me and my friend used to go skinny dipping in her neighborhood pool!
70. I've been inside my high school tunnels, the ones people dream of going down but never get the chance to!

71. Two weeks after I got my license I was driving my moms car and I got in a accident.
72. Laughing is how I get through my stressful life.
73. I sing so loud in the car I think other people can hear me, but pretend they don't.
74. I've never mowed a lawn in my life.
75. My first car was named little willy.
76. I was nominated for Homecoming Queen my senior year.
77. I slept in my tent trailer for 3 weeks straight.
78. My favorite book in the scriptures is Mosiah!
79. I love my friends at SUU!
80. I love watching movies!
81. I had to go to the emergency room for something very weird once, and later had to have surgery for that. (ha, ask me one day)
82. I pop my fingers when i get nervous.
83. When I get excited I tend to shout.
84. My high score in bowling is 103.
85. I am very independent.
86. I never had a boyfriend in high school.
87. My friend sent the blood monster loose in my car.
88. My favorite season is winter.
89. My mom grew up in P.G.
90. One time this guy Nick let me cut his hair and he almost had to shave it when I was done.

91. I am so sick of thinking of things to say about myself!
92. I love the singer/songwriter Marie Digby.
93. I never take my CTR ring off.
94. My dorm room smells AMAZING! (thanks sue!)
95. I thought I had a tail for a long time and people even could feel it, but now its gone.
96. My favorite scar is the one on my forehead, not because it means me and Harry Potter are kind of the same, but because it just looks cool.
97. My dad is from Pennsylvania.

99. I want to one day teach people on the dangers of gangs.

98. I did my 6th grade science project on warts.
99. I was in Spanish Immersion in Elementary.
101. I made that out of paper.

My First Day of College.

Today was so much fun! All my classes seemed really easy and the teachers were awesome! My first class is a Criminal Justice class and the teacher is just like my teacher I had at Lehi, Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor is the reason I even liked criminal justice. My next class was a Political Science Class and the teacher reminds me of Mr. Smee from hook. He has that voice and is kind of all over the place. After that I go over to Popular Music in America which I know will be awesome because I love all types of music!! Its only noon and I'm already done with school (oh, but i have a english class at 2....)

Not to mention the good classes but I also have fun people in my class. In CJ I have a friend from Lehi a P.A. and a friend I met from Orientation. In POLS. There are 4 P.A.s and in Music I have Cam, Harry, Suelyn, and a girl named Timian who stopped at talked to me and is so stinkin' nice! So seems kind of fun. I feel like im in HS which is weird because its like i don't belong because I already graduated. I dont know...its just kind of weird.

I do have a little bit to complain about...I have to go from the General Classroom building to te P.E. building. (i guess who will have to know what im talking about for that to make sense) Also I figured out that you shouldn't carry your computer around with you all day because they are heavy and it kind of hurts.
I wanted to put this picture in because Its just funny to see how different I am compared from then to now! Im so grown up! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miss Pionner Valley

So, Im trying out for another pageant. I hope this one goes better than the last one. Anyway, I need to sale 15 tickets. So, if you want to go...and have friends that want to come let me know. Its Saturday September 20th at Eastmont Middle School in Sandy. Basiclly it will be like you are coming to miss lehi because everything I have will be the same :) Call me anytime for tickets or more info! 801-380-4091

"I'm an adult...when did this happen?"

Its true...I am living in a dorm and I have to take care of myself. I've been grocery shopping, ate food i bought for myself and everything! Its crazy...but its fun. I haven't started class yet, which Im kind of glad about. I'm still not used to everything here in Cedar. I get lost whenever I drive and end up calling my sister or googling the address. Hopefully one day I will know my way around. My roommate is awesome. I love her! I'm getting kind of sick of saying "hi, my names noel, im from lehi" It seems all we do here is introduce ourselves, and the next day you dont remember anyones names. We have been having orientation for 4 days now and I am getting so tired of people telling me to get involved and make friends....I think once is enough. But I love it here. Im missing home and my friends (and my dog!) but I know this will be the best thing for me!