Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Mr Poop died! :( its a sad day in Cedar City.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I'm sorry, its been a combination of being busy and lazy. Mostly lazy I think! Just some updates, and then I promise I will start blogging about my life!

- I moved into a new house with my best friends! Kaily, Alli, and Eric! I love them so much and we are having so much fun! Oh, and I can't forget Dori, Mr. Poop and the late Gilly.

- Classes are going so good this semester. My earliest class is at 10 AM which makes it so I go to all my classes! Im done with week 3 and I haven't missed once! (thats BIG for me!!)

- My room is so cute! Its the best thing about the new house!! I got a new bed and everything for Christmas and I put up all my pictures, got some cute curtains. I will take pictures and upload them next time!

- I still love Alpha Phi! We just finished Rush Week and we have 7 new girls! I don't know all of them, but I know they are all so cute!! I love seeing Alpha Phi grow!

- I get to plan Formal and Sisterhood Retreat this year for Alpha Phi. Plans are already in motion and I'm getting so excited. Brings me back to high school when I helped plan prom!

- I decided I am going to stay in Cedar over the summer and take summer classes. I can't wait for summer in cedar!! ... cliff diving, camping, caving, San Diego for the 4th!

- I also decided I am not going to go anywhere for Spring Break. I want to go to Lake Powell at the end of April and I think I will get it off if I don't take all of Spring Break off.

-Natalie is pregnant! She is due in July and I am so so excited. I kind of hope its a girl because I think a girl will be easier to spoil. I also realized that when I get married I will have a little child running around, thats like the best part!! I already know I will be its favorite Aunt!! :)

-I think the secret is finally out that Rachael is pregnant. She is giving it up for adoption and I think she found a family. I am so proud of her because she knows she isn't ready to be a mom, so she is giving that opportunity to someone else. She said I can be in the room when she has it... I am so excited!! *Oh I should mention its a boy!*

Anyway, I will blog more in the future I promise!!