Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight Me, Cam, Harry, and my new friend Blake all carved Pumpkins together!

It was so much fun! I even took some of the seeds and cooked them in the oven. No one else ate them, but Blake said that they are natural pain killers, or something like that.

This picture took alot of work because I kept on laughing and seeds were falling down my shirt! It was really funny though and totally worth the pumpkin in my hair!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Old Memories...

So I used to write in a Journal all the time and my favorite thing to do is go back and read it. It turns out I am kind of a funny person and I wrote this like 7 months ago about a boy (who will remain a mystery) I had a huge crush on...
Reason why me and (this boy) should be in love:

1. If we carpooled together we would save the economy
2. We could work out together thus saving out bodies from needless fat
3. Along with working out making out burns a lot of calories I hear.
4. I think I would save more money if he was my boyfriend. He has money and he doesn’t even have a job….so his parents must be rich!
5. I wouldn’t have to worry about prom….I would already have a date.
6. I don’t have to worry about my friends not liking him because he is already in the group so its like I am dating Rachael…only not as weird.
7. My parents already like him…so when we got married it would be ok.
8. His standards are high and he is a worthy Priesthood leader!

I am kind of weird i think.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is my amazing pledge class! We are the Beta Deltas! There are 28 of us I believe, and we are having so much fun together!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A List of Eights

8 TV Shows I Watch:
-America's Next Top Model
--Greys Anatomy
---The Hills
----Sunset Tan

-----The Soup
------The Office
-------Kenny vs. Spenny
--------One Tree Hill
8 Things That Happened Yesterday
-I took a test is music and I think I failed

--Actually ate 3 meals.
---Went tanning

----Had Founders Night with all the Alpha Phi's
-----Was so cold I almost cried

------Started my homework early
-------Went to all 4 of my classes
--------Feel asleep texting Greg

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
-Wingers (i know thats weird!)

---California Pizza Kitchen
-----PF Changs
------Rumbi Island Grill

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
--Going home this weekend
---Christmas Break

----My Brother coming home from Germany
-----Freaking Summer

-------Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
--------Marriage! ha jk nat.
8 Things On My Wish List:
-A new CTR ring

--Alpha Phi stuff
----A Vacation to Egypt.
-----Juicy earrings that Natalie got!
------Long Hair
-------To graduate in a year haha
--------A new phone

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So I stole these pictures from my sisters blog and she kind of talked about the pageant but I needed to add some things! (sorry it took so long)
It was pretty much a one day kind of thing. I arrived at eleven at the school and didnt leave until after the pageant. It was so much fun! Most of the girls were really nice. Some of them you could tell they where there to win and they didn't seem the need to socialize. We went over walking patterns and the opeaning number for about 3 hours and then we started interviews.
My Interview I thought went ok. It wasn't what I was hoping for but I felt like I backed up what I was saying and that it made sense. They asked me alot of political questions and I pretty much knew they would considering my major is Political Science. It made me kind of sad because I think I have a really good fact sheet with some interesting things on it, I wish they could have looked past all the political questions after awhile and asked me questions about me.
The actual pageant was alot of fun. There where alot of things I could have done better and things I need to work on if I decide to do another pageant, but for the most part I had alot of fun. I wasn't really set on winning, it was more of an experience thing for me and I think I got alot out of it!
The best part was I had the biggest crowd! My family came and a whole bunch of my friends. It was awesome, it let me be myself and not be so nervous! After a group of us went to dinner and talked about the pageant and ate cheese fries! (perfect after pageant food!) It didn't make up for missing Miss Lehi but I had fun and Im so glad I did it.
I freaking love Paul! Enough said.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Better Pictures...

After Pref....The night I found out she was my big! This picture I took at Pizza Factory where we went after to get dessert! Never on a Sunday is SOOOO GOOD! I highly recommend it!
These two are better than the other one! I just thought I should share them with you! Oh and did I mention I was a twin? My big sis took on two little sisters so they call us Twins. I was way happy because it was Sam who is one of my best friends down at SUU!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Big Sister!

In Alpha Phi every girl has a "Big Sister". Today I finally found out who mine was!

Her name is Kalle and I have kind of thought that she was my big sister the entire time! I'm so excited! Its fun to have a Big Sis down at Suu!!