Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Its five in the morning, and I just got home. Lately I haven't really been sleeping a whole lot. I blame a lot of people... none of them being me. Mostly I blame Kaily :) Ever since we became close I don't ever sleep. I don't know how she lives her life on 4 to 5 hours of sleep everyday. If I don't sleep through my 9 AM class, then I end up taking a 5 hour nap when I get home. I think this has been my best semester at SUU, my grades aren't the best, but that doesn't matter if I love life right? Besides the grades, I love Alpha Phi and all the new members. I can't wait for them to get initiated. Raquel is the best roommate! She just got back from Disney World and brought me a present for watching Otto and Oakley (her two cats) I love Kaily! Even though we don't ever sleep and spend a lot of money at Robertos we always have fun! Oh and I have to add I love Sigma Chi. I have been hanging out with them a lot lately and they are all really nice cool guys. (I do have to say I like Sigma Nu, but since we never hang out I don't have much to say) :) Anyway, that is the end of my late night/early morning blog. Now I am going to try and sleep!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Greek Life

I found this on the SUU website!

Higher education studies have shown that men and women who join fraternities or sororities are:

  1. more pleased with their college experience
  2. attain higher grades while in college
  3. graduate at higher levels than non-affiliated students
  4. remain active and loyal after graduation

A recent study by the US Government shows that 71% of all members graduate from college while 50% of non-Greeks graduate from college
All but two US Presidents since 1825 have been affiliated
Seven out of ten people listed in Who's Who in America are affiliated
Three-fourths of US Congress is affiliated
Forty-three of the nations fifty largest corporations are under the leadership of a sorority or fraternity member
Eighty-five percent of the Fortune 500 executives are members of fraternities or sororities
Since 1920, 85% of all Supreme Court justices have been members of a fraternity or sorority
More than seven million men and women in the US and Canada are affiliated